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Can we put a book back in print for you?

Tobermory Press publishes the Bruce Peninsula Press, the Bruce Peninsula Daytrip Companion and the Bruce Peninsula Telephone Directory.

That makes us specialists in printing large documents — books, magazines, reports, newspapers. Over the decades we have also designed and produced literally dozens of books and other large documents for other publishers.

Recently, Tobermory Press became a book publisher.

In 2010 we undertook an agreement with the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula to put the “Tobermory Book”, Hewers of  the Forests, Fishers of the Lakes, back in print. Under our agreement, the municipality retained the copyright for the book, but Tobermory Press handled publishing, warehousing and distributing it. This means that MNBP did not need a publishing budget, a book warehouse nor a book distribution clerk.

Do you have an out-of-print community or church history? Can we put it back in print for you?

Do you have a new book on the horizon? Call us!


Books For Sale

Hewers of the Forests, Fishers of the Lakes. A History of Tobermory and St Edmunds Township, 1870—1984 (Second Edition; Revised).history-book-cover

A beautifully bound hardcover book detailing the history of Tobermory and St Edmunds Township from the first settlers to 1984. The original edition, published by the Township of St Edmunds in 1985, had been out of print for many years. The Second Edition, featuring improved photographs and revised family histories, is printed and published by Tobermory Press. A must-read for anyone interested in the area. $35 plus 5% HST.


Not Wolf, Nor Dog by Wilmer Nadjiwon

An Ojibway Elder’s tales of residential school, wartime service, First Nations politics and some experience with the Great Spirit. Alternately soaring and appalling, Wilmer Nadjiwon’s stories tell of his idyllic childhood on Cape Croker Reserve, the torment and abuse of Residential School, the Front Lines in WWII Europe, 15 years as Chief of Cape Croker Reserve, his success as a wood carver and much more. Published by Tobermory Press. $24.95 plus 5% HST.

Footloose on the Bruce by Maitland WarderFootloose-on-the-Bruce001

A sequel to Walter Warder’s “Between You, Me and the Gatepost”, this book tells the story of the Warder family from 1850 to 1995. Featuring many photos of Lion’s Head and area. Great reading for the local history buff. $19.95 plus 5% HST.

Postcard-Book001Postcard History of Bruce County; by the Bruce County Historical Society

A fascinating collection of nearly 600 postcards from the 19th and early 20th centuries, compiled, researched and published by the Bruce County Historical Society. Printed at Tobermory Press. The book begins with 20 postcards of historic Tobermory, the book wanders southward, offering a window into bygone days. $35 plus 5% HST.

A Pictorial History of Bruce County (prior to 1918)pictorial history cover

A collection of postcards and photographs from Bruce County. $35 plus 5% HST.



6 thoughts on “Publishing/Books For Sale

  1. Hi, just wondering when the follow up book to Hewers of the Forest, Fishers of the Lakes will be available? The book that details the history of the Tobermory area during the 30 years from 1984 to 2014. Thank you, John.

    1. Hi John, The Northern Bruce History Committee is scheduled to have the next volume of the St Edmunds History book completed in December 2015. We are hoping to have it for sale here for Christmas. Have a great day!

  2. Hello I am looking for a copy of Walter Wardens ” Between you me and the gate post”Any information would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you Bonnie

    1. Hi Helen, The new St Edmunds history book is titled “Flowerpots and Parking Lots”. It can be purchased here at the Tobermory Press (39 Legion Street) or Reader’s Haven book store in Little Tub Harbour also carries it. We can ship it – but the price to ship is fairly high. Email for more info.

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